We value our client relationships and strive to assure your experience with us satisfies quality and service expectations. To assist the process we extend these terms and conditions, which you are agreeing to in placing your orders with us. Every offer, quotation and order confirmation for the sale of Roman Thomas product to any client is subject to these terms to the exclusion of any terms proposed, referred to in the client’s purchase order, in correspondence or elsewhere. Your signed copy of these Terms & Conditions will be kept on file and will apply to all future orders. Please contact Client Services with any questions.



Orders must be placed in writing by using a purchase order based on a Roman Thomas quotation. Once a purchase order is received and the scope of the work is fully defined, a confirmation will be transmitted with an approximate shipping date. Any materials, finishes or components not defined in the quote will be identified in the order confirmation. These TBD’s will need to be provided by the client prior to development of client elevation (if applicable) so materials can be allotted and entered into the production schedule.



Roman Thomas furniture and lighting is available exclusively through our showroom, to the trade. Net pricing is provided to registered professionals. Trade sales with current resale certification submitted and on file are priced with Roman Thomas net pricing for resale.  A price quote does not include fabrics (upholstery), unique client provided materials, crating, packaging, shipping or delivery charges, installation, insurance, sales and other taxes, and will only be valid for 30 days, after which the quote will be updated. Change orders, additional sampling beyond standard; any site work relating to installation, cabinet leveling, etc. will be an additional charge. The costs will be communicated in writing for approval prior to scheduling work.



For orders of items that are part of Roman Thomas inventory, available for expedited release and shipped in accelerated turnaround, payment in full will be required at the time of order placement.



Our goods are all made to order, according to agreed specifications based upon our standard models. Not all orders will require a drawing but if a drawing is provided, it must be approved, signed and returned to Roman Thomas. All decisions need to be finalized prior to production commencing. A 50%   deposit is required at time an order is placed.



All our products are made to order, but Custom Orders are goods whose manufacture differs from our standard models, requiring extra time in administration, design and manufacture.  Custom orders will be reviewed on an individual basis. The drawings must be approved, all decisions finalized, signed and returned to Roman Thomas prior to any work commencing. A 65%   deposit will be required at the time of order.



Expedited orders are subject to an upcharge of 25%. The conditions of Paragraphs 1, 2, 4 & 5 above apply. Payment in full will be required at the time the order is placed.



If an order requires a drawing, one round of drawings will be provided for review. Any changes to an order may be subject to additional cost for administrative and drawing time, labor and material costs and may increase the manufacturing lead time.  Once additional costs are provided for change orders in writing, each change order shall be paid in full before production.



Samples of our standard materials and finishes will be provided, upon request, once an order with deposit if received. All samples will remain our property and will be returned upon our request. Any samples not returned or returned damaged shall be subject to a fee of $50 per sample. All samples shall be returned or paid for prior to the release of an order. There will be an additional charge for additional rounds of color/finish sampling for specialty materials or custom colors. Expedited shipping fees for sampling will be the responsibility of the client.



Orders must be paid in full prior to shipment. The balance owed will be requested 3 weeks prior to order completion, and is due 2 weeks prior to shipment. Balances not paid two weeks after our notification, are subject to late fees and finance charges. < >   Stock Orders may be cancelled within 7 days of order and are subject to a 25%  administration fee. Standard and Special Orders that are cancelled are subject to the conditions of paragraphs 4-8 and an additional 25%  administration fee will be assessed. Any refunds due from Roman Thomas will be applied to the remaining portion of the order, or if no other furnishings are on order; a credit will be applied to future orders.



Stock Orders may be cancelled within 7 days of order and are subject to a 25%   administration fee. Standard and Special Orders that are cancelled are subject to the conditions of paragraphs 4-8 and an additional 25%  administration fee will be assessed. Any refunds due from Roman Thomas will be applied to the remaining portion of the order, or if no other furnishings are on order; a credit will be applied to future orders.



Drawings, descriptions, dimensions and illustrations in Roman Thomas catalogs, price lists and advertising material are close approximations intended to give a general description of our product. Dimensions are given to the nearest 3/4-inch.  Our furniture and lighting is handmade and therefore may be subject to slight variations.  We reserve the right to change a design and/or dimensions, in the rare event this becomes necessary to meet best practices in actual production, and will inform you of any such changes as soon as practical.



We use fine, hand selected primary and secondary materials and functional hardware for our furniture and lighting. Our specialty materials and finishes are applied by hand.  There are natural characteristics in these materials and finishes which are not defects but part of their natural beauty.  We make every effort to match a approved samples, but the samples are for reference only and should not be used as an exact representation of the final product. We do not guarantee any material, fabric or leather provided by you nor can we give an independent assurance that they are the material you specifically chose. Approval for the material, color, dimensions and finish, COM and COL are the responsibility of the client. When COM, COL, COH or other supplied material or fitting (ie. specialty hardware) is unwrapped prior to install, we will notify of any visible damages or blemishes and look to your direction (ie. replacement) or approval as delivered.



When your furnishings are completed we will make them available to you, by appointment, and require your inspection at our production facility, RT Workrooms, 157 Onderdonk Avenue, Ridgewood, New York. If you are unable or choose not to inspect the furnishings at our workrooms prior to release to the designated shipper, digital photographs from several angles will be provided, including cabinet interiors, of the completed item(s) for your review and written approval. It is the responsibility of the shipper collecting to arrive with a written manifest and provide us with a copy prior to leaving our facility.  The shipper is to thoroughly inspect items for visible blemishes, function of drawers/doors, and any other client provided criteria. Once inspection papers have been exchanged, any resulting damages will be the responsibility of the shipper/receiver to resolve. We stand ready to assist the process and will provide the client with a written estimate for repair to take place when the piece is returned to us at your expense. If long distance, we are available to guide remotely.



You may choose to have Roman Thomas make your shipping and insurance arrangements and we will bill you accordingly.  You may also choose to make your own shipping arrangements and your furnishings will be available for pick-up from RT Workrooms.  The date we release completed order to your shipper is the date the items are deemed delivered to you, and you shall have title to them.  Once the item(s) are released, Roman Thomas is no longer responsible for any damage incurred in transit, delivery, installation or otherwise.  We always recommend you use an experienced shipper/messenger familiar with transporting fine furnishings. You will receive the condition record filled out by the shipper at the time of release from our workroom. All furnishings are released with the expectation that the selected shipper will level all cabinets and appropriate furnishings upon delivery. Should you wish to have our tech level the furnishing once placed in its final location within the residence, there will be a fee for the site visit. Please refer to our installation guide for answers to standard questions. Client Services is available during your installation by phone, as needed. All small items, including lighting are to be shipped via UPS or FedEx with a client provided account number. Photos of the package contents and sealed original condition will be sent to the client office at time the shipment exits our facility.



Furnishings taken out on approval or loan by written consent of Roman Thomas for client review prior to ordering are to be returned to Roman Thomas in the same condition as when released and within the agreed upon time frame. Collection and return delivery is the responsibility of the client, pending approval by Roman Thomas. The same delivery terms as stated in paragraph 14 apply. Any damages which occur will be the responsibility of the client/designated shipper.   



If your furnishings are not picked-up from RT Workrooms within 2 weeks of completion, a storage fee of 5% of the invoiced amount and 10%   for items left 30 days or more, will be assessed. We reserve the right to retain any unshipped portion of an order until such balance is paid.



Returns for repairs will only be accepted with prior written agreement from Roman Thomas. If, by our determination, the repair is due to a cause in our manufacture for which we are responsible, we will make such repairs. If, by our determination, the damage was caused by others, we will estimate the cost of the repair(s) and will require payment prior to commencing the repair.



We stand behind the products we make and warrant against defects in material and craftsmanship for one year from the date of delivery. The conditions of paragraph 11 & 12 above apply. Within that year we may elect to either make repairs or replace the item(s) at no charge to you.  But we do not extend this warranty to claims that may arise from negligence not our own, or from normal use. Any claim you believe is covered by this warranty must be made in writing within 10 days of the date discovered.  In no event does our warranty extend to any products that, after delivery to a customer, are then altered, changed or modified in any way.



You understand all Roman Thomas furniture, seating and lighting designs, drawings and manufacturing methods are our sole property and cannot be reproduced or disclosed to a third party.



It is always our intention to use our best efforts to resolve any dispute.  But if we are unable to resolve an issue to our mutual satisfaction we all agree that this Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between us and that any and all disputes will be governed by New York law and arbitrated pursuant to the rules and regulations of the American Arbitration Association in New York City.